Thursday, April 9, 2009

Beam Me Up Scotty; Fine and Dandy Andy

I'm am sort of being bribed.

Not that that is a bad thing. But I would not necessarily be posting, and linking, about this subject, if not being mildly stimulated to do so for the chance of a Freebie, the chance to win a very nice, and easy to use data solution from the fine folks at Data Robotics, as being lovingly shilled and promoted by one Scott Bourne. Scott wants Google Juice for his new web endeavors, including the renaming of a website a blog called PhotoFocus for a podcast he is often directly associated with, This Week in Photography, and a new site and Podcast on managing ones digital life, named oddly enough, MYDL for Manage Your Daily Life, starring the efforts of beloved technology pundit Andy Ihnatko. And Scott is giving away another Drobo for the miniscule publicity payback he might get from his loyal followers.

You should see these blogs linked to the side. If you have an interest in digital photography, or managing your media, you should check these sites, and the podcasts they support, out, if you have not heard of them already.

Truth be known however, I am likely to get a lot more Google Juice from him than he is from me. You see how many people interact with MY blog posts, which often are not even on the subject I intend.

And I was following the works of Scott and Andy already; I do not need to be bribed to sing their praises. I feel I am amongst my own to some degree with both of them.

I have been reading Andy Ihnatko's columns probably from very early in his career, and I feel a kindred spirit, not just as a MacUser but for some shared loves and life experiences. Diners, Comics, Photography. The not quite revealed as it was happening, but between the lines realization of dealing with the health of a parent.

I have a smattering of Radio experience (college) and Pro Photography (processing and camera) sales in my background, so discovering Scott Bournes efforts would have melded with a natural affinity already about me.

And they got me to post to my blog for the first time in months. I never have yet used this blog as intended, to simply post marginal drawings from my k-12 years; I am generally to busy with Twitter and Facebook. With a recent Mac crash (yes, Macs can go down just like PCs), I feel a greater need to seek out discussion of storage and Backup. If only I had backed up my notebook in the past 6 months.

What I really would like to know is how to marry my iPhone to my new Mac, since it still thinks it belongs to the Mac no Migration Assistant can bring back from the dead, and my phone is still aware of some of my email accounts I remember nothing about. Maybe they will touch upon such in MYDL sometime soon.


Clarity said...

Saw your link in Uncle Eddie's Page, you should post often.

Hans Flagon said...

I can't imagine I posted an URL to THIS article you commented on however, on UncleEddies space.

Thanks for the comment, and I have checked out Clarity in Wonderland.

Hey its only been six months since you commented as well!