Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The reactive interactive

Yay, my first comment!

Well, I wonder how many blogger blogs stay stagnant BECAUSE they do not get comments at all. Or because microblogging like twitter or facebook takes all the time one might have to get an idea out into the ether.

It seems it has easily been over a year since I have posted. Maybe One reason I have not blogged terribly often is, every time I want to post it is tech related, and the other blogs I comment on, often have very little to do with technology at all. But probably a few of my posts have been about nothing but my trying to post to this blog in some sort of mobile way. Google has probably made it easier to post that way than when I first started a blogger blog; if you have tips, I'd like to hear them in the comments. Ferinstance, is there an app for that now? To post from iPhone?

Consider this a warning; my next post will be on technology.

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